Dreams of Ireland – Becoming Reality?

Whether I go to study abroad or for travel unrelated to education, my first choice is Ireland. This is because of all the ancestry I have going back there on either side of my family. I also love castles and the scenery in books, or used in film and TV.
I’ve been looking into study abroad options for a few years now, and thought it would have to be for no more than one 12-week semester. A full year program anywhere would be way out of budget. However, a single semester could be $15,000…still over budget. So it comes down to Summer programs, and I found one offered through a college in Ireland that also directly relates to my communications major. I can take something in visual arts or a course on Ireland in film and TV. That one would be perfect, because I love film locations in many films. Some of my favorites are the scenes in films with stories set in previous centuries of the U.S., the British Isles and Europe in general.
There is a lot I’ll have to do in order to get ready. I don’t have a passport yet, but I don’t have to apply for this program until sometime during the coming Fall semester. I also have to decide if I really want to do the whole study abroad thing. I figure that to travel just as a citizen rather than as a student, it will cost more money. I’d lose out on the student rates. Of course, planning to go as a student, there are all the application processes involved. I’d also be the oldest person going with a group of other students. But being 10+ years older than everyone else I’d be going with isn’t really a big deal. I just want the chance to go to Ireland and elsewhere. The entire group would have in common wanting to see famous sites, and it might be a first time visit for someone else besides me.
The other thing is that maybe I can always go back for an at-my-own-pace visit throughout Ireland. Something I’d also love to do is to visit Scotland, England and Wales…all of which I also have a great deal of ancestral ties to. I’m not sure if there would be time to get all of those in during a study abroad experience. If there is time, it will only be a bonus to the whole experience.
Just going to another country is full of firsts for me. I have not only never left the U.S., I have never flown anywhere. I never actually had a reason to travel by plane, since none of my travel experiences required it. I’ve never done any major travel on my own; or even with a group, without any family or old friends also being there. It will definitely be an exciting time and I hope that I’ll be able to visit Ireland soon…for study abroad or non-study-abroad travel. No matter what other country or countries I get the chance to visit, Ireland will always be my favorite.

About caroldwyer

A freelance photographer and blogger, I'm also a non-traditional graduate of Cabrini College with a B.A. in communication, minor in English and concentration in film studies. As a student, I was a staff writer, photographer and copy editor for the Loquitur. In my final semester, I assisted in promoting campus literary events for Woodcrest Literary Magazine. I love travel, historic places, nature, wildlife and the arts. I hope to be involved in some way with one of those areas throughout my media career. Currently, I'm pursuing my M.F.A. in creative writing and publishing. Read my film blog at http://cdwyerfilminspired.wordpress.com - and my literary blog at http://cdwyerbookishgrad.wordpress.com
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