Food, cars, music make for festive fall day in Delaware

A ride south along route 113 began the journey to fall fun at Delaware’s annual Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville.  I hadn’t heard of the event until the night before and also hadn’t been to it’s host town.  There were to be a mix of elements (crafts, cars, entertainment) for festival visitors to enjoy, so I was looking forward to checking it out for the first time.  As with many other excursions, this was no different in that you never know what interesting sites you’re going to encounter on the way.

Beach Highway was taken to cut westward from route 113 to 13 and I passed this creepy, old house covered in overgrowth.  Not coming down this way often, I decided to take the same route going home to snap a photo or two of it.  I figured, with the structure’s condition, it might not be standing much longer.  And I find these old houses interesting as subjects of photography.

In the last stretch to Bridgeville, a cool powder blue classic Mustang led the way through the town, where streets were lined with beautiful old houses.  Although I never saw the Mustang parked as one of the cars displayed for show, I was behind it until a line of tourist-filled cars had to u-turn on one of the town’s residential streets.  It hadn’t yet been blocked off and an event staffer re-directed everyone toward some parking areas, including one at a school.  I got a better look at the town’s architecture after the car was parked on a grassy lot and I began walking a few streets to the entertainment.  Wrap-around porches, some partial with a rounded corner, were featured on some homes.  There were also ornate columns, turrets and widows walks, all of which are among my favorite architectural elements.

The first smell that I sensed upon walking into the main festival area was that of funnel cakes.  That smell conjures images of past trips to the beach, amusement parks, local carnivals.  I love it!  I never did have a funnel cake, though, getting distracted by the words “apple crisp,” with or without ice cream.  The autumn season and apple-themed festival put me more in the mood for that treat, with which I chose vanilla ice cream.  It was pretty much walk and eat, a lot of spot to sit filled up.  So, I scrapped taking a photo of my dessert this time around.  It was delicious, though!  Just imagine the warm apple crisp mixed with two scoops of cold vanilla ice cream; I’ve got to make that at home!

Besides apple dumplings, cobblers and scrapple sandwiches, there was food available to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  Old-fashioned root beer floats, crab cakes, chili, burgers, hot dogs, fries and frozen beverages in tall, plastic novelty bottles curving in and out from top to bottom were also on hand.  I tried one of the frozen drinks, a vibrant orange icy mix (non-alcoholic) filling up the otherwise clear container.  It was a welcome beverage option on a day that turned out to be warmer than expected.

After checking out the food, it was on to the line-up of classic cars set up in front of old homes.  It was such a great setting to display so many cool cars; both cars and homes giving a nostalgic atmosphere.  Filling the street were antique models, 50s hotrods, various years of Chevy’s Camaro, Corvette and Ford’s Mustang.  Every now and then, an engine would roar to life and a muscle car would slowly make its way down the street turning the heads of onlookers all around.  The cars in the photos below were among my favorites, including a red ’68 Camaro which was a raffle prize.  Sure would be awesome to win that!

I also loved these car accessories, adding to the culture of cars and the cool decade of the 1950s.

Some girls sang onstage for a solo competition; I didn’t recognize all the songs they sang, but all had great voices.  Two of the girls sang Carrie Underwood hits, “Good Girl” and “Before He Cheats.”  Later, while taking photos around a gazebo and flowers around it, I could hear a familiar tune from the movie “Walk the Line” coming from the stage area.  The lyrics of “I’m Going to Jackson” brought the scene of Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter singing onstage together in the biopic.  I love that movie and hearing that song was a nice, unexpected addition to the day’s festivities.

Just as interesting sites were spotted on the way to the festival, I also came across an unexpected find while there.  It was a historical marker, something I like taking photos of to collect some stories of an area’s past when I travel.  This one in Bridgeville stands along a sidewalk near the gazebo, revealing some nice art history attached to Delaware.

On the way home, I managed to snap a few photos of that old house I caught a glimpse of when heading down to Bridgeville.  Eerie, lonely, mysterious, it makes me wonder about its history and if anyone knows about its past at this point.

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