Digital camera and smart phone photography

Toward the end of the day in Ocean City, N.J., my phone’s battery was somewhere around 40 percent.  Back in the car and recharging it, I turned back to my DSLR camera for a few more shots.  My family and I were still in the parking lot, in spaces near two mini-golf attractions caddy-corner to each other.

Off in the distance beyond The Golden Galleon mini-golf, a couple of kites were flying high over the beach.  So I snapped a few photos of them, zooming in mostly on the patriotic-patterned one.  I thought, maybe I’ll try to get a photo of that one when it’s more to the right of the frame and crop it later for a Facebook cover.  It took a while, partly because of the kite’s movement.  Unfortunately, the other factor was that some shutter problems were starting up again.  After a number of attempts, I finally did get the shot I wanted for my Facebook cover photo and it fit perfectly.  It seemed like a lucky shot, considering the wind blowing the kite around and what was going on with my shutter.

A patriotic kite flies high over the beach at Ocean City, N.J.

A patriotic kite flies high over the beach at Ocean City, N.J.

I had some problems with that not too long ago and my camera had been sent out for repairs twice.  The trip to OCNJ was the first time since then that I really used my DSLR again.  So I was surprised to encounter a problem in which no matter how hard I pushed on the shutter, a photo wouldn’t easily take.  I’m going to have it sent out again soon and luckily, I have extended warranty on it.  In the meantime, I’ve got my phone.

Funny thing about that.  I love having a DSLR camera and that such cameras have certain features a smart phone lacks for photography.  At the same time, I’m very much into social media and being able to quickly share photos from a phone.  It’s not only that, but being able to do so on multiple social networking sites from mobile apps such as Instagram.  Along with Facebook, I’m on Twitter and Tumblr; of course, I also have my pro Flickr account.  If I want, I can use Instagram and then share across the other sites at once.

Most of the time, however, when I take photos on my phone, I’ll choose certain ones for Instagram.  Out of those, sometimes I email them to myself to save onto my computer.  The reason for that is to use them in my blog posts.  Also, when I add them to Flickr, I often do so from the computer and they’re backed up in an extra way on my hard drive anyway.

In OCNJ, I was going back and forth between my DSLR and my phone to take photos.  It was partly to keep my phone battery from draining too much, as well as needing my camera for far-away objects.  I had two different lens with me, which came in handy.  Of course, when using my camera I thought, “if only I could edit / share some of these more quickly.”  I’ve seen some DSLR cameras that are web-ready, but they’re not in my price range at the moment.  So, for now, sharing photos taken with my camera comes down to the following steps:

  • Arrive at home
  • Insert memory card into desktop computer
  • Copy into new folder
  • Copy new folder to flash drive
  • Copy from flash drive to laptop
  • Go through photos to pick what gets uploaded online
  • Maybe some cropping

It seems like a lot, although the plus side is having copies of the photos on two computers.  Since I take a lot of photos even on a one-day trip, I might upload a few on Facebook and upload the rest to a photo set on Flickr.  I started a new set for my OCNJ photos because I hadn’t been there since before I first began using Flickr, as well as other social networking sites.  I put my best photos from any trip on Flickr and share the link on Facebook and / or Twitter.

Speaking of Facebook, I noticed the new feature of shared photo albums when uploading a few photos recently.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll set any of my photo albums to shared or if I’ll create any new ones for that purpose.  It seems like a good idea to try for family get-togethers, such as my recent OCNJ trip.  My relatives and I could now create a shared photo album called “OCNJ August 2013” if we wanted to do so.  A few of us took photos and uploaded them to our Facebook pages.

What are your thoughts on the new shared photo albums?

Anyway, due to the instant-share ability, I’ve gotten into the habit of going out with just my phone for photography.  But it depends on the trip and if I think I might need stronger zooming abilities.

Do you have a preference between using a camera or smart phone for your photos?

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