A taste of Temple Bar

As several others and I explored Dublin, our path took us into the Temple Bar area, filled with pubs adorned with flower baskets outside. It was another very lively place to be in the city as musicians played for the crowds. One young woman performed a fast-paced baton-throwing routine, never missing a beat. A person dressed as a leprechaun greeted people with a welcome sign depicting Irish symbols.

Temple Bar Leprechaun

Irish Welcome Sign

The vibrant red exterior of Temple Bar pub came into view with much of the crowd milling about near the well-known spot. We made our way through, casually looking around at where to go for dinner and came upon Thunder Road Cafe.

Thunder Road Cafe

One window displayed a motorcycle and as we continued inside, the interior was decorated with posters of classic Hollywood icons. Clint Eastwood in a still from a western, two of Marlon Brando from “The Wild One.” Another piece of art added Marilyn Monroe to the mix of famous faces. Going along with the cafe’s name, there were displays of road-themed songs and lyrics overhead in the center. A poster near our table was a collage of classic rock stars. All of the cool nostalgia reminded me of diners I enjoy going to in my hometown area.

Just as in Fitzgerald’s Pub earlier in the week, there was a casual atmosphere at Thunder Road Cafe. We could sit back and talk a while after finishing our food, which was very good and filling, too! Try one of their delicious burgers, including a vegetarian choice. Their strawberry Thundershake was my dessert of choice, as the setting inspired a mood for classic 1950’s diner malts.

After leaving the cafe, we wandered along past a few pubs and stopped in briefly at Quay’s, joining other patrons for some traditional Irish music.

Quay Pub

The next pub was one called Old Storehouse, where we settled in for a while upstairs at a table with tall bar stool seats. Walls near the steps were lined with shelves holding old bottles and other items. A bicycle was mounted on railing next to seating above the steps. Two walking sticks were displayed on a wall near our table. Under a sign for a beer garden, a vintage poster of Titanic hung on another wall behind us. Just as at the cafe, there was even a touch of classic Hollywood at this pub, with a poster of my favorite iconic star, James Dean walking in Times Square.

Walking Sticks

Vintage Titanic

During our time at the pub, two live acts played Irish songs to an audience clapping or tapping to the sounds. In my hometown, if I go out to eat somewhere, it’s often to a restaurant that may or may not have a bar section. I don’t go to bars. In Ireland, however, I really enjoyed the setting and atmosphere of pubs.

A while later, a few of us decided to head back to campus, leaving the two guys in our small group behind. I can’t remember where it was, but I spotted these little horseshoes on the sidewalk.


The sunset made for a pretty backdrop of Ha’Penny Bridge and after crossing, we walked along the River Liffey. On our way toward O’Connell Bridge, there was an adorable chocolate shop across the street; it was closed at the time. I took the photo of it as a reminder to stop by later in the week.

HaPenny Bridge

Sweetest Thing Choc

Because of the steady rain on our walk to O’Shea’s, I couldn’t use my camera to capture scenes of O’Connell Bridge. Arriving at that spot again, I snapped some photos of the ornate lighting and a “Ulysses” marker.

OConnell Br Light

Ulysses Marker

Shopping at Carroll’s Irish Gifts brought the day to a close.

Carrolls Irish Gifts

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