Business trips and plans for remaining free time in Ireland

Our time in Ireland would soon be coming to a close, although we still had some leisure time for exploring. A little bit of business came first on the agenda and our global studies group met just outside of a campus gate for bus ride out of town. Up first was a visit to Glaxo-Smithkline, where they provided us with a wonderful breakfast before their presentation.

Everyone loved the food, as well as a rooftop area on one part of the building. It had an ornate table and matching chairs from which great views of the natural surroundings could be enjoyed.

Views from GSK

We learned a lot about the company itself, as several representatives took turns speaking on different points. Large brochures were given to us, providing info on working for GSK. One rep played a video showing people doing various outdoor activities, going along with the company as part of the health / pharmaceutical industries.

Before leaving GSK, we went back to the cafe for lunch with the company reps; again, the food was delicious!

The next stop was a visit to Coca-Cola, were a presentation was also given by a few company reps. We watched a slideshow on Ireland’s economy in both good and bad times. A video was shown, featuring more of a pop culture aspect of the beverage, showing its history and the company’s growth.

Another video showed a cute little car being driven around the countryside to promote a juice, called Fruice, by Coca-Cola. Resembling an orange, the car was designed to have the look of the fruit’s surface. It had one side door, a green leaf on its roof and sat on four small wheels. As I watched the car on the screen, I thought, “Wouldn’t that be something if we got to see it in person?”

So, after we left the room where the presentation was held, what did we see out the window? One of the company reps was driving up in the orange Fruice car and we all hurried outside to take photos of it. A few of us, myself included, sat inside one at a time and posed looking out one window and holding a bottle of Coca-Cola’s juice beverage.

Once we departed from the soft drink company’s property, the business trips in our Ireland itinerary were over. The rest of the day was free time, along with most of the next day (Aug. 7) and one more full free day (Aug. 8). We were scheduled to leave Trinity College very early on Aug. 9 for our group check-in time at the airport.

I tried to take some photos from the bus as we rose back to campus, whether eye-catching buildings or beautiful scenery.

Misc Old Bldg

Church Window Reflect

Along with those, I decided to include some photos of things that are different from here in the states – the traffic pattern and use of Celsius.

Opposite Side Traffic


This stone wall, with the mountainous backdrop, was an appealing view of Irish scenery. It reminded me of movies set in Ireland, the ones in which the story takes place during historical times.

Stone Wall Mtns

Back at Trinity College, I went over to one of the tourism offices located just across the street from the main gate. Two other students from our group went as well, looking into some day trip options for our upcoming full free day. We decided on a tour of one particular area, which I’ll leave as a surprise. Until then, I relaxed for the rest of the day and looked through the brochures I collected, figuring out what to do following the next morning’s class.

Ireland Brochures

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