Ready for spring and summer travel

My local area hasn’t been pummeled with a lot of snow this winter season. At least not up to this point. However, the subzero temperatures alone are enough for me to look forward to warmer weather. Memories of visits to several coastal areas inspire spring and summer dreaming as well.


Lighthouse Sailboats

Simply entering the general area near this coastal town, you’ll find relaxing views of boats out on the water. Once within Annapolis, pretty floral wreaths could be spotted as decor on numerous doors of homes. They made for a wonderful touch to the buildings in town, many of which were of historic significance.

Floral Wreaths

A great way to learn more about their past is to take the Discover Annapolis trolley tour. This means of sightseeing also allows for views of the U.S. Naval Academy on the way to and from a scenic overlook spot. Next time I visit, I hope to set sail on one of the boats that a group of tourists were boarding.  Seeing the sailboats out on the water near the sparkplug lighthouse, I thought, “Oh, I’d just love to be boating as well!” It was such a beautiful weather!

Along with the history and available tours, what I love about Annapolis include the food and shopping. “Est. 1750” at Middleton Tavern caught my eye, so I ate there in continuing to take in the town’s past. For the atmosphere, food and service, it’s worth stopping in while in town.

Middleton Tavern

One store just a short walk from the tavern featured a great deal of maritime items. Wandering its aisles, I couldn’t help but imagine shopping there to decorate a beach house!

More photos of Annapolis can be found on my Flickr album.

Ocean City, N.J.

Bike Beach View

A large group of my relatives and I gathered at Ocean City two summers ago on a hot day in August. It was nice to just kick back on beach chairs under a collage of colorful umbrellas and watch boats sailing by. People splashing in the waves rolling ashore and seabirds squawking overhead created the sounds of summer.

Sail Birds Umbrella

It’s not just relaxing on the sand that draws me to the shore. There’s the great food options, including Primavera Pizza & Pasta. Boardwalk stores have items not always found in my hometown. One store I stopped in for a few moments, Only Yesterday, was filled with a lot of cool vintage pop culture items. Speaking of the past, if I could spend a weekend or longer at OCNJ, I’d love to stay at the historic Flanders Hotel for a sense of its early days.  The sign reads that the hotel dates back to 1923.  Along with being surrounded in history, those penthouse balconies would allow for great beach views as well as the carnival-like atmosphere of the amusement pier.

Flanders Hotel

View more of my OCNJ photos on Flickr.

Cape May, N.J.

One recent visit to Cape May was to see some lighthouses, which are among my favorite historic sites. The annual New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge was taking place over two days and the first stop was a coastal beacon at East Point. This light stands above an old brick structure in a scenic and secluded spot. Preservation efforts were underway at the time I first saw this lighthouse and for a small fee, I took a tour of its upper floors and the short light tower.

East Point Light

Check out more photos of East Point on Flickr. Next stop, Cape May Lighthouse. Out on the sand, the old WWII Bunker looms in the distance, quite an unusual beach site.

WWII Bunker

If you haven’t ever been there, stop by Sunset Beach and stay to watch the sun as it lowers in the sky. A gift shop and a restaurant sit on each end of the beach. The wreck of the S.S. Atlantus juts out of the water close to shore.

Sunset Beach

For more scenes of Cape May, go to my photo album on Flickr.

What are some of your favorite summer travel spots?

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