Sightseeing on a trip to Wales someday

“Happy St. David’s Day!” A cheery greeting in today’s e-news came from British Isles tour company, Lynott Tours, stating the day celebrates the Welsh patron saint. What interests me in Wales? Among many other reasons, it is one of the region’s countries to which I have ancestral ties. So, in honor of the holiday celebrated by the Welsh on March 1, I decided to share a list of sites in Wales I’d love to see someday. I’ve only admired scenes of this enchanting country when featured in television, movies or books. Below, the Welsh flag waves over the entrance of an Irish pub.

Welsh Flag

At the moment, I don’t know of any particular ancestral sites to visit. One Welsh surname I’m related to is Evans, a helpful detail for tracing where others of that name once lived. I only know a small amount of family history out of Wales. So it’s all the more reason to go there and further connect through stories of past generations. I hope to learn a great deal about my ancestors someday while roaming the beautiful, history-soaked country.

Whenever I get the chance to visit Wales, I think I’d choose to stay in a town called Aberystwyth. Using Google Maps, I saw that it’s located midway along the coast. A perfect setting for me, as I could relax between sightseeing and just watch boats out on the water. Traveling northward, I could take in the mountainous scenery of Snowdonia and beyond to Caernarfon. That’s a name I recognized from various books I have, featuring photos of castles in the British Isles. Scenes of one castle by the same name show an enormous medieval structure. It’s definitely a place I could spend all day wandering around, ready to take pictures all over the grounds!

I recently read an e-book called “Seven Sacred Sites in the UK” by Kate Everson. Her book’s title instantly drew my attention to learn about the mystical places she saw throughout the British Isles. Everson also wrote about her experiences of visiting several castles in Wales. There are many more Welsh castles that I would spend time exploring as well.

Going south would lead to the Dylan Thomas Boathouse and zooming in on the famous writer’s riverfront place, Google Maps revealed a nearby castle. This one is called Laugharne Castle and photos show that it stands in magnificent grey stony ruins!

While taking in the Welsh countryside, I’d be sure to check out other places of literary significance, along with film locations.

Have you been to Wales? If so, what sites stood out to you the most? If you haven’t yet visited this country, what do you hope to see there?

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