Fall flavors and crafts in downtown Media

Pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and autumn flowers decorated the corners, windows and store entrances of downtown Media. It was time for the 35th Annual Food and Craft Festival, an event filled with flavors and creativity of the season.

Mini Scarecrow Flowers

One delicious bite into a pumpkin-flavored pizzelle was enough persuasion to buy a pack to take home. Carol’s Pizzelles also had other flavors available that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, including chocolate chip and coconut.

CP Pumpkin Pizzelle

Many vendors lining State Street included those of restaurants and stores within the designated event area. Tempting pasta was cooking at the Spasso Italian Grill tent, set up just beyond their al fresco dining patio. As a local from only several towns away, it was hard to believe I hadn’t tried Spasso’s food until then. I ordered one Spiedini di Mozzarella, an amazing mozzarella stick served on a plate of sauce and big enough satisfy while awaiting a main dish.

Spasso Grill

Spasso Mozz Ch

Still early in the festival hours and more food to taste, I didn’t have any pasta at the time. I’d save that for next time in town; everything certainly looked worth the wait for another stop in town.

Spasso Pasta MB

One store called Earth and State also had tent-covered tabled set up along the street, featuring creative Halloween artwork. A young guy was just finishing his chalk writing of the store name on the street. Several interesting pieces on display included Jack-O-Lanterns with ghoulish zipper mouths. A spider with a green beaded body was posed to crawl over the corner of a wooden crate. Its legs, also dotted with green beads, were bent, yet still spanned wider than adult hands. Large blue gem eyes leered at passersby.

Earth And State

If any festival-goers wanted to find a relaxing spot, 320 Market Cafe made a great choice. Just inside, bread on display added to the image of a warm home setting. A string of small golden lights glowed near a small pumpkin and gourd set up on the counter. Good music played on around patrons’ muted conversation. If just going in for a small snack, try the Pico de Gallo and Corn Tortillas.

320 Market Tortillas

Joining the street crowd once more, I stopped to try a spin-the-wheel game and won a ticket for a show at the Media Theatre. I had never been there for any of the stage productions; what a nice surprise!

Another food vendor was Margaret Kuo’s, where egg rolls and sweet and sour chicken were among the crowd favorites. With a purchase of the egg rolls for now, I’d have to come back to town another time to try a full dish on their menu. That’s what I love about these events – getting a quick taste of food offered by local restaurants, inspiring plans for dining out somewhere I haven’t been to for an entire meal.

MKuos Food

Usually, my family goes to a different location of Trader Joe’s at a shopping center near a mall we frequent. However, there is one in Media as well and while in town, it was a go-to place for food items that didn’t need to quickly be taken home. After all, the day of downtown festivities wasn’t over yet. With so many things coming out in pumpkin flavor this time of year, I spotted a display of cereal boxes – Pumpkin O’s! Yes, I had to try them. There were many other items to buy in celebration of the season, including sizable pumpkins and a variety of gourds for a nice fall feast.

TJ Fall Harvest

One last bite to eat before heading home was a generous plate of sugar-covered funnel cake. Not like that pictured below; with its tempting layer of toppings, I just had to snap a photo. Another one next to it had chocolate and cream for extra flavor.

Funnel Cake Topping 1

Coming away from this festival, I found that I’d really like to take in more of downtown Media again sometime. I’ve never wandered around its streets much in the past. Now, knowing more of the dining and shopping scene, I’d love to gather there with friends from time to time. Outside of the Seven Stones Cafe, a nice courtyard area welcomes visitors with benches and a fountain centerpiece.

Seven Stones Cafe Sign

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