Back to Delaware Park for spring Beers & Gears Car Show, Part 1

All week beforehand, the weather forecast was calling for rain and / or storms, but it turned out to be a nice day. Especially for the hundreds of awesome cars ready for enthusiasts to admire while strolling around in the casino’s rear lot. So many to see, where to start? I just roamed lane to lane in no organized direction, walking up to whatever cool car caught my eye.

This is what grabbed my attention first; the 1960’s television series Batmobile. I had seen it before as it headed out along the main driveway from a previous car show here, yet was unable to get a photo at the time. Finally seeing it up-close as the plain-clothes driver got out, an elderly man sitting nearby said to me, “He forgot to wear his Batman costume!”

Gotham’s crusader wasn’t the only one represented at this particular Beers & Gears; Dracula had a set of wheels as well. And a creepy clown sighting gave me a scare when I noticed it in the background of one photo. It was only a doll, kicking back in a unique iridescent Ford Mustang. A can of the beverage Monster sat on the front end, appropriately.

Not far from where the Batmobile was parked, a hotrod was rumbling behind me. I turned to see a slick black classic Camaro a lane or two away and as other admirers ventured closer for a better look at this muscle car, I joined them.

A Chevy going back to the ’50s drive-in culture had some desserts balanced on its door to take fans of classic rides to those days. I always wished there were still a lot of drive-ins across the country. The closest one to me now is probably the Delsea in New Jersey. But I would’ve loved to go check out a movie retro-style if there had been such a theater near my high school when I was a teen. Of course, cruising to it with friends (or my gorgeous crush) in my dad’s ’67 Camaro, similar to the one driven past me in the second photo below.

Dodge Challenger was again another favorite and well-represented at Delaware Park. Spotting this one, I couldn’t help but think, Where’s Dom? If I bought this popular and powerful Dodge model, I’d go with black; I also love the racy red.

Just like the Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers, I love those red Corvettes; this is looking super fast and flashy!

Taking a peek inside of a ’69 Camaro in an eye-catching shade of blue and several cars down, a recent model with black racing stripes over shiny red. Owning either of these – ride goals!

Antiques from both Ford and Chevy; the latter dubbed a street rod within the stripes of its patriotic detailing.

Sometimes, it’s the unusual details that I love about the classics at car shows. This one kind of reminded me of The Terminator!

I noticed a flier in the window of a classic Camaro, advertising another car show, but missed it. However, I had been to that particular event several years back. It was almost all Camaros and I even took a silver convertible for a test drive in a nearby parking lot. Black racing stripes complimented the paintwork and with less effort, this Camaro was faster than my 2000!

Given the popularity of the Dodge Challenger, I’m expecting a car show dedicated to old and new models. They are so cool!

I still have a lot more photos from this mid-May event; I’m saving those for a follow-up blog post on the cool rides at Delaware Park. There’s always so many favorites here! If you love cars and have never been to Beers & Gears, definitely check it out.

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