Back to Delaware Park for spring Beers & Gears Car Show, Part 2

The most recent Beers & Gears car show at Delaware Park Casino took place back in the fall, however I was unable to go. I still had more photos to share from the last one I went to, held on May 12. It’s always difficult to choose, but here are some of my favorites from that event, continued.

I love these two classics, both in such attractive shades of blue, parked next to each other as though ready to race. Hmmm…I wonder which one would win? They also remind me of the line-up of cool rides at diners and drive-in movie theaters.

When I went to a car show that was part of Blobfest in Phoenixville, Pa., I saw many rat rods for the first time. Since then, these worn and rusted out relics from the past always catch my eye. I’ve seen interesting knick-knacks lining the front window of one; another decorated with webs and all-too life-like spiders. This one in particular, a ’57 Chevy, was the first rat rod I’d seen of a favorite car from that decade.

A contrast of Camaro designs over the years, yet both so cool and full of muscle.

Facing another beast, a stealthy black Dodge Challenger.

As a kid, I used to watch “Lassie” reruns after school and I liked the old (to me, at least) truck driven by Timmy’s dad. One of my uncles also has a classic Chevy pickup that I see on the road every once in a while. So, along with the cars, I love the trucks of yesteryear. I guess you could say I have my own sense of nostalgia from these workhorses. And as a bonus for this one, of course, is the flame detail.

My all-time favorite, the Camaro, was in attendance and in many colors and model years. These two ’67s with different shades of blue each has its own appeal. One in solid dark blue, almost sneaky, until blazing right past you. I imagine hearing it before seeing it! The lighter blue has racing stripes running front to back, a feature adding flash for a go around the track.

The Slingshot was unlike anything I’d ever seen before and from the crowd of curious onlookers it drew, I guessed the same was true for them. Every so often, I’ve spotted a three-wheeled vehicle on the road, two front wheels and one in the rear. But this was much more unique, exotic and faster in appearance.

I love the deep, dark midnight blue paint job of this Dodge Challenger; it adds a sense of mystery to muscle. Most of the time, I see these powerful rides in black, grey or bright colors such as neon green. But they’re cool no matter what shade an owner favors. And I’m tempted to take one for a test drive!

As a Chevy girl at heart, I had to snap this photo of the popular brand’s bow tie symbol against the sky. Next up, a handful of classic Camaro eye candy!

This ’67 in a pale yellow was for sale! I didn’t ask the price, not wanting to seem as though I was in the market to buy.

Yet it’s on my bucket list to own this dream car in red, with a black stripe around the front end. The ’68 convertible was easily my favorite overall at this car show; Vroom, Vroom!

Well, I have one more of these events to post about in catching up on last summer. I’m already looking forward to the many car shows of 2019. I wish I could’ve made it to one in Atlantic City this month, especially after hearing about some rides known from the big and small screen on display, along with the Philadelphia Auto Show. There’s always next year. Until then, a cool slogan makes for the perfect way to bring photos of hot rods to a close for now.

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