Some Possible Travel Education

As new semesters approach, I get brochures from a local community college where I completed an associates degree in liberal arts. That was back in 2006 and since then, I continued my education toward obtaining a bachelor degree. Every so often, flipping through the latest brochure, a class or two draws my interest. But so far, I hadn’t been able to enroll due to my overall schedule. This time, I saw an online class in tourism and am hoping to sign up because I want to make use of my B.A. in communication within the travel industry. Although it’s only one class, at least I can gain some more specific knowledge in that area.

Since it’s been a while, it looks like I may have to complete the full reapplication process for the community college. Yet having a completed degree from that institution, I wasn’t sure if that would be the case and especially for a solo class. I emailed admissions in the meantime to ask about re-applying, based on my previous academic record, as well as if they would need transcripts from any other colleges. Then I have to find out the cost and any financial options to cover it.

I’ll find out more in the coming week and I still have enough time before registration closes, especially if I don’t need to obtain any files from other places I’ve studied. After high school, my first round of higher education was for computer certificates between 1996 and 1998. Over the years, that school has been through several name changes and the programs I was in disappeared long ago. I’d wonder if it would be easy to get my transcripts from them, but it worked out in the end.

Anyway, wish me luck on my tourism class pursuits!

About caroldwyer

A freelance photographer and blogger, I'm also a non-traditional graduate of Cabrini College with a B.A. in communication, minor in English and concentration in film studies. As a student, I was a staff writer, photographer and copy editor for the Loquitur. In my final semester, I assisted in promoting campus literary events for Woodcrest Literary Magazine. I love travel, historic places, nature, wildlife and the arts. I hope to be involved in some way with one of those areas throughout my media career. Currently, I'm pursuing my M.F.A. in creative writing and publishing. Read my film blog at - and my literary blog at
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