Online tourism course completed, gained knowledge and new blog post inspiration

I just finished the last bit of classwork for an online tourism course offered through my local community college. As it was a condensed
winter class, the workload consisted of chapter readings, applying information to discussion questions for five-point assignments and
taking 15-question quizzes. Two longer assignments, but not all-out term paper level in nature, were worth 50 points; I scored 50/50 on
both. Other than my last four assignments, which I don’t yet know the grades, I got a 5/5 score. Most of my quizzes were 14/15 and
15/15; my lowest score was 12/15 on one quiz. So, I’m expecting a pretty good final grade. Hopefully, in the near future, I can follow
up with other related classes to study this field. After all, this was an intro to tourism, a field in which I’d like to apply my communication degree and skills gained through that. I’m particularly interested in the marketing aspect of being involved in travel and tourism.

In terms of pursuing work in travel and tourism, I decided to add various assignments from this class into my overall career portfolio.
While a potential employer may not necessarily read through all of them, I want to have them both as industry knowledge and as writing
samples. Prior to enrolling in online tourism, it had been a few years since taking any classes. So, I want to show continued strength in
written work even after a pro-longed break from academic skills.

Not only did I learn a great deal of information about the travel industry, I also came across various textbook sections that inspired ideas for upcoming blog posts. For lack of time, it was better to wait until the course ended. So, I’m gathering my thoughts about the particular content I read which had the travel blogger in me buzzing. Just for a preview, a few ideas include:

  • the type of traveler I would consider myself
  • special interest trips (which ones I would go on and why)
  • the career of a travel agent and working with one
  • various types of hotel accommodations (which ones I would stay at and why)
  • my own experiences in finding out about various tours
  • am I a responsible traveler
  • travel publications and ecotourism coverage
  • a post related to farm-to-fork dining
  • myself as a tourist and / or traveler
  • types of adventure travel activity of interest to me and why

The last one also reminds me of a question someone recently posted on a Facebook group focused on abandoned places. It was about whether or not other members of the group would visit a particular site, which I’ll leave until I get to my blog post idea about adventure travel activities. My photo for this post is from a recent short hike I went on at a local state park and brings to mind other adventures I’d like to take up – waterfall trail hikes and waterfall repelling. That would be at a different state park; not at the one where I captured the
photo, as the latter activity is prohibited. I listed the textbook content in order of chapters. However, I may or may not combine the
second and last categories together. Anyway, check back for these posts inspired by my journey into studying tourism. I hope this
educational experience leads to related career opportunities and more traveling as well; adventure awaits!

About caroldwyer

A freelance photographer and blogger, I'm also a non-traditional graduate of Cabrini College with a B.A. in communication, minor in English and concentration in film studies. As a student, I was a staff writer, photographer and copy editor for the Loquitur. In my final semester, I assisted in promoting campus literary events for Woodcrest Literary Magazine. I love travel, historic places, nature, wildlife and the arts. I hope to be involved in some way with one of those areas throughout my media career. Currently, I'm pursuing my M.F.A. in creative writing and publishing. Read my film blog at - and my literary blog at
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