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Celebrating tourism, keeping spirits up with nature

This year in particular has us all longing for travel once again; normal times would allow trip planning or a vacation to already be underway. A week of celebrating tourism, with virtual tours of many amazing destinations, has recently come … Continue reading

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An Earth Day milestone, protecting nature and reflecting on eco travel

A half-century-old tradition of celebrating the planet last week inspired me in several different ways. So much time indoors had me ready for at least a little bit of nature and luckily, Earth Day brought nice weather to the local … Continue reading

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Coronavirus impacts on everyday life and global travel

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage, it feels as though much more time has passed since first seeing ghost-town-like scenes of normally crowded cities in China. It’s hard to believe how much has happened in only a couple of weeks of global … Continue reading

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The iconic and stunning Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris

When I was a student at a local community college, I took an art history class covering works from cave paintings to the Renaissance era. In discussing architectural gems, several European cathedrals were among sites of which to know various … Continue reading

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Drawing inspiration from travel

Now that I’m in grad school and pursing an M.F.A. in creative writing, I have a few ideas for writing in the nonfiction genre.  Blogging about the places I visit, as well as taking pictures along the way, is helping … Continue reading

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