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The Closing of Glen Onoko

Photos of waterfalls in various state parks have me inspired to venture along trails and take in these spectacular sites for myself. A few are within a short driving distance from where I live, including the falls at Ridley Creek … Continue reading

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Ways a true love will make my heart race on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, I’m single, yet I have plenty of ideas for how a special someone could sweep me off my feet in celebrating the holiday of romance. Whether nearby or far off, spending time with a love interest in … Continue reading

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Slow year of travel in 2016, plans for 2017 and beyond

This past year hasn’t been too exciting in terms of travel, after it turned out that I couldn’t make it to Sicily. What happened was that the money for the England trip, for whatever reason, couldn’t be applied to Sicily … Continue reading

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Travel memories sparked, goals renewed via Facebook and old blogs

A particular experience that is waiting to be checked off of my travel bucket list was among recent “On This Day” Facebook posts. It was an article about options for staying at a lighthouse. Since the original date I’d shared … Continue reading

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What kind of traveler I am

During my high school years, several teachers and a group of students made up a club we called the Student Outing Adventure Club. Like many schools, ours had the usual big year-end trip to popular destinations in the region: New … Continue reading

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Outdoor Adventures: College trips stir high school memories

On campus, there are calendars posted everywhere focusing on a variety of outdoor adventures planned throughout the semester.  Skiing, tubing, rock-climbing, ice-skating; you name it.  These take me back to my high school days, during which I was a part … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Discovering the world while pinning

I don’t know a lot about specific sites in Norway.  However, just as the website Pinterest has been educational in the sharing of clever ideas among pinners, it has also given me info on the northern European country.  For example, … Continue reading

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