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Celebrating tourism, keeping spirits up with nature

This year in particular has us all longing for travel once again; normal times would allow trip planning or a vacation to already be underway. A week of celebrating tourism, with virtual tours of many amazing destinations, has recently come … Continue reading

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Thoughts on studying travel and tourism from a marketing angle

Currently on a job search, I added my completed online tourism course to my resume and career sites such as LinkedIn. I included a great deal of information that I learned about the industry built on a spirit of exploration. … Continue reading

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Online tourism course completed, gained knowledge and new blog post inspiration

I just finished the last bit of classwork for an online tourism course offered through my local community college. As it was a condensed winter class, the workload consisted of chapter readings, applying information to discussion questions for five-point assignments … Continue reading

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A few travel bucket list destinations, their highlights and studying tourism

An online tourism class I mentioned in a previous post has since started and some content in the first chapter inspired this write-up. Following a textbook paragraph about top destinations around the world and what makes them stand out, there … Continue reading

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