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Saying yes: Expanding my travels from Mid-Atlantic to Global

At Cabrini College, students are encouraged to say yes to various opportunities that come along.  Those opportunities in my major could be to have a radio show or write for the campus news.  Some school-wide opportunities include studying abroad or … Continue reading

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Sir Simon Marsden: A favorite photographer

One of my favorite photographers, Sir Simon Marsden, passed away earlier this year.  I never really heard a lot about him here in the states so I’m just now finding out about his passing.  According to the Telegraph, Marsden traveled … Continue reading

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Outdoor Adventures: College trips stir high school memories

On campus, there are calendars posted everywhere focusing on a variety of outdoor adventures planned throughout the semester.  Skiing, tubing, rock-climbing, ice-skating; you name it.  These take me back to my high school days, during which I was a part … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Discovering the world while pinning

I don’t know a lot about specific sites in Norway.  However, just as the website Pinterest has been educational in the sharing of clever ideas among pinners, it has also given me info on the northern European country.  For example, … Continue reading

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